My translation of Pascals “pensées” – which I have been labouring for a very long time – just terminated, the publication – already announced – has been cancelled by the German editor “Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft” (WBG) literally in the last minute. For reasons they gave, substantially, defaults in the research of some annotations. Now, for my part I would like to keep distance to comment these reasons at this place. However, I dare to say that the translation as such may be regarded an absolutely successful one – as otherwise a publication like this had neither been approved nor considered by this well-reputated editor. If there now will be a publication, and when, may just be responded in a very speculative way. As a publication with another editor seems quite impossible at this stage due to the copyrights, I now consider to put the first part of my translation of the “pensées” online. In the case of a wider interest I will be prepared to make the entire manuscript of the “pensées” accessible to the public.

Thomas von Kienperg